1/2 - 1 day GC21 Start Up Workshops, Evaluation and Monitoring Meetings, Project Close Out Workshops




  • Facilitate as an external, neutral, impartial and project independent Professional L&D expert
  • Promote open, clear and complete communications across all represented stakeholder project groups on all aspects which may influence the completion of the works 
  • Remain cognisant of project sensitivities and complexities while maintaining confidentiality and avoiding potential or perceived conflict of interests 
  • Encourage stakeholders involved with the works to understand and agree on the importance of working co-operatively towards a successful project
  • Promote and practice a culture of co-operation and teamwork during the construction build
  • Develop an understanding of the role of participants in the evaluation process required at regular GC21 monitoring meetings
  • Establish a communications matrix framework to promote participant co-operation on all aspects of the project
  • Develop project contacts list / directory
  • Identify key issues, concerns, problems and potential solutions for the works
  • Prioritise the relative importance of the solutions 
  • Develop an understanding of solutions requiring priority attention
  • identify key project risks, formulate controls and schedule review
  • Agree on scheduled follow through for subsequent site meeting
  • Prepare Workshop draft report for Client approval prior to completion of Final report


FLEXIBLE MODE DELIVERY - options to suite your individual business needs:

  • Public attendance - Network and learn experiences of peers across the Project & Stakeholder Team
  • Training In-house at nominated office, Site office or other preferred locations - Consolidate a shared understanding across the project and stakeholder team (Sydney, Regions, Interstate)
  • *NEW* Training by Video conference for your Project (FACE TO FACE - Connect your Project & Stakeholder team together from either the same or (many) multiple separate locations using your attendee's individual PC, Notebook, Apple Mac or similar, plus Internet connection  - Please enquire)


Unique Features

  • Extensive experience in delivery of GC21 workshops for building, fitout & refurbishment, civil construction projects 
  • Focus on interactive multi-stakeholder expertise, recognition, involvement, participation and knowledge sharing
  • Venue and catering arrangements where required
  • On site, metro or regional office customised delivery including Sydney and interstate
  • Remote area specialisation


Sample Projects Facilitated:

  • $4m Fire Safety Upgrade Packages 1&2 and Mechanical Upgrade - Housing NSW
  • $9m Redfern Community Health Centre
  • $55m SCG Hill Grandstand Redevelopment 
  • $77m Royal North Shore Hospital Research & Education Centre
  • $122m Auburn Health Services Redevelopment Stage 1
  • $2m Parramatta Justice Precinct Early Works
  • $10m Mt Druit Courthouse C21 
  • $8m Strathfield Signal Building Upgrade
  • $31m Taronga Zoo Asian Elephant and Rainforest Precinct